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Rabbi Eliezer Zalmanov hails from Brooklyn, NY. He attended yeshiva (rabbinical school) in New York, Israel, and Europe, and received his rabbinical ordination in 2002. Before relocating to Northwest Indiana, he served as coordinating producer of the Living Torah video series, produced by Jewish Educational Media. He is currently a member of the "Ask the Rabbi" team, fielding dozens of questions a week emailed from all over the world, as well as editor of A Chassidisher Derher, a monthly magazine about Chabad history.

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Meet the Zalmanovs

Chanie Zalmanov, a proud Hoosier, is an Indianapolis native. Her parents, Rabbi Avrohom and Nini Grossbaum, have been directing Chabad-Lubavitch acitivities in the state of Indiana since 1981. She is a graduate of Beth Chana Teachers' Seminary in Safed, Northern Israel, and is an elementary-school teacher by trade.


The Zalmanovs have been directing Chabad of Northwest Indiana since September 2003, and moved to Munster in December of that year. Their combined experience, along with their devotion to bringing the Jewish message to every single Jew, is surely an asset to the community.

They are proud parents of ShaynaMendyYudiDoviLebaLeah, and Zevi.

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