As a child, I remember my grandfather telling me once “Whatever could happen, has happened.” In other words, if something is possible, it will happen.

Of course, the only way one can know if something is possible, is if it happened. If something never happened, while in theory it may be possible, it is not proven until it actually happens.

I had the same thought today, when I witnessed what I consider the inevitable.

One of the advantages of living on a main street is that the Town gives it more attention than some of the side streets. In the winter, we’re one of the first to have the snow plowed; in the spring our potholes are the first to be filled; and every few summers, the entire road is repaved.

So, although the road in front of our house wasn’t in nearly as bad condition as some of the other roads in the neighborhood, nevertheless, being a major thoroughfare, the Town decided it was time for a facelift.

As the crews were working on the resurfacing, I rhetorically commented to Chanie, “How long do you think it will take for the cable company, or some other entity, to dig up a part the street?”

Well, today, less than a week after the resurfacing was complete, the first crews were out with their jackhammers, digging what is sure to be the first of many holes in our newly paved road.

Where am I going with this?

According to Kaballah, one of G-d’s unique capabilities is that His thought, speech, and deeds are all one and the same. Meaning, there is no difference between G-d thinking, speaking or doing; it all has the same effect. In fact, when the Torah describes G-d creating the universe, it says, for example, “G-d said ‘let there be light’ and there was light.” And the same description is used for all of creation.

When G-d thinks something, it is. The moment G-d wants something to happen, it happens.

Not being G-dly ourselves, the only way we know if something can happen is if it actually happens. For G-d, however, who is not limited like we are, it works the other way around. If it can happen, then it already happened.

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