Miracles Happen

A kid comes home from Hebrew School one day and announces to his mother: “Mom, did you know that when Moses led the Jews out of Egypt and they were stuck at the bank of the Red Sea, he waved his staff and a bridge appeared, and they were able to safely cross the sea.”

The mom responds: “I don’t believe that’s quite how the story goes...”

Son: “If you don’t believe that, you’ll never believe what my teacher said REALLY happened!”

Much of our history is based on miraculous events occurring with the Jewish people of the time; and most Jewish holidays are celebrated in commemoration of miracles.

With the Chanukah season upon us, we are again reminded of the wondrous events that led to this holiday.

Every Jewish child knows that the Jews were victorious over the invading Greeks. The odds were definitely against the small Maccabean army, led by Judah and his brothers. But their victory was not due to size or strength. It was a miracle that their seemingly inadequate army succeeded in defeating the vast Greek legions.

And then there’s the oil story.

Once the Jews reclaimed the Temple in Jerusalem, they were unable to find enough pure olive oil to kindle the Menorah. All they had was one jug which would last only one day, while it would take eights days to obtain more oil. It was a miracle that the oil burned for eight days instead of one.

At times we tend to overlook the miracles of today. Sure, they aren’t as open and obvious as they perhaps were in the past. But G-d still keeps the universe functioning miraculously. Whether it’s the sun rising each morning in the East, or every breath we breathe and step we take; it’s all a miracle.

We may become accustomed to the natural order of things, but even that which seems normal is truly miraculous.

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